Image Nils Tekampe

Nils Tekampe


  • Consultant IT-Security and IT-Assurance

Standards and criteria

  • Common Criteria (aka ISO/IEC 15408)
  • ISO/IEC 2700x
  • Technical Guidelines BSI (


  • Support and consulting for formal evaluations and certifications
  • Security concepts
  • Comprehensive consulting for all topics around IT-security and IT-assurance


  • Experiences in Common Criteria for various systems and components
  • Heading consulting and evaluation projects up to 2 person years
  • Active member of standardization committees, specifically ISO/IEC SC 27
  • Author of a whole bunch of Common Criteria Protection Profiles for various topics

Standards and criteria

  • Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) ISO/IEC 2700x
  • IT-Grundschutz
  • BSI TR-1201 (De-Mail)
  • BSI TR-03109 (Smart Metering)
  • BSI TR-03121 (TR-Biometrie)


  • Smart-Metering,
  • Biometrics,
  • Database Management Systems,
  • komplex software systems


  • German (mother tongue)
  • English