First succesful biometric FIDO certification released

The certification

The FIDO Alliance recently released the first certification of a biometric product. The brand new Samsung S10 and S10 plus are the first devices to receive certification under the biometric certification program of FIDO.

konfidas has supported the FIDO Alliance over the last year in the preparation and operations of their biometric secretariat and is pleased to have had the chance to contribute to this event.

About FIDO

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a focused mission: authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.

Passwords endure despite the growing consensus their use needs to be reduced, if not replaced. But even though effective PKI and strong authentication solutions have existed for years, barriers to widespread adoption persist. Consumers don’t like the user experience, and online service providers don’t want the cost and complexity of developing and provisioning their own dedicated solutions.

The FIDO Alliance is working to change the nature of authentication with open standards that are more secure than passwords and SMS OTPs, simpler for consumers to use, and easier for service providers to deploy and manage.

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